You Must Know Which Type of Camera Is Suitable For Traveling

In line with technological developments, the camera has also developed so many choices that arise. Unfortunately, not all cameras are suitable for traveling. Therefore, we help you to be able to determine what camera is suitable for travel. Given that camera types are increasingly diverse, the first thing to do is to choose the right type of camera. On the other hand, if you need a good camera that can be bought cheaply, just look at the best black Friday camera deals discounts on our internet site.

Some choices of camera types are as follows:

Smartphone camera

The quality of smartphone cameras is now increasingly capable and sophisticated to be able to capture moments in various conditions. Smartphone cameras have become the simplest and easiest photography tools, remember that you don’t need to carry too much weight to carry more than one device at the same time when traveling. Especially now that many smartphones are waterproof. Capturing moments at sea is no longer an obstacle.

Pocket camera

This pocket type camera has a relatively small size, affordable price, and easy to learn. Compared to smartphone cameras, pocket cameras are superior in terms of optical zoom, and shooting products are even more varied.

Motion cam

This camera is no less interesting. Motion cam is small, waterproof (various brands including waterproof shell), and tough. Indeed, the action cam does not have as many manual features as other cameras, but this type of camera is capable of producing good photos in various conditions and terrain. Suitable for people who like extreme sports. This type of camera usually uses a huge lense (wide lens) and curved (fish-eye) so as to produce a unique display of results.


Of all types of cameras, DSLRs have the largest and heaviest size. Usually, this one camera design is used by professionals, because with more complete equipment, the resulting image quality can be made better. However, weights that tend not to be light for some people are a special concern.

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